Wednesday August 31, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part III: Fight or Flight


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, in the corridor outside Happifun Rec-Deck Admitting...

TAILOR: How do you feel, Shep?

SHEP: UNGH.  Hung over.  What happened?

TAILOR: You were drugged, abducted, and then shot.

TAILOR: I patched all the holes, replaced some fluids, and flushed most of the toxins, but you're no where near a hundred percent yet.

I also checked on your boosts.  I'm sorry.  Those blood nannies are long gone.

SHEP: So I'll never be at a hundred percent.

TAILOR: Perhaps not, but life is scored on the bell curve.

SHEP: When I was nine I punched a vice-principal for telling me that.