Sunday September 18, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part III: Fight or Flight


NARRATOR: Maximilian Haluska has soldier-boosts enhancing his strength, speed, and reaction time.

He began this engagement with a report-suppressed gausspistol at the ready.

NARRATOR: Para Ventura has no soldier boosts and only minimal combat training.

She won't even blink before Max fires his first shot.

NARRATOR: Tarball is a suborned emergency armed response 'bot, H/V level 1.07.

His strength, speed, reaction time, and ready weaponry are more than sufficient to neutralize Maximilian Haluska before Haluska can fire his gausspistol.

Tarball allows the human to fire a single shot...


NARRATOR: ...possibly so he can show off for Ventura by catching the bullet.

...Which may in turn be why Para Ventura doesn't bother to blink.