Sunday August 28, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part III: Fight or Flight


NARRATOR: Happifun Rec-Deck...

BUNNI: This little rampage has been your show, Kathryn.  What do you want to do with our prisoner?

KATHRYN: We leave him here.


KATHRYN: You've saved a lot of lives selling bottled blood nannies, Pau.  Fix this mess.  Max is dead, and all the techs he hired to work against you are dead, too.

ENNESBY: Ah.  That explains your cold-blooded game of combat theater double-pop.

BUNNI: Hush.  I want to hear where she's going with this.

PAU: I can't do this by myself, young lady.  My last attempt to unlock these nannies killed dozens of multipliers.

SCHLOCK: YOU put all those bodies in the shaft!

KATHRYN: Two things, Pau.

First, you can do this yourself.  Your last attempt would have worked if Max hadn't interfered.  That was why he interfered.

Max killed those men, not you.

PAU: Oh... oh my.

PAU: You said there were two things?

KATHRYN: Those hanging fat men... you've robbed them.  Fix the blood nannies, and then give them back their freedom and their dignity.

KATHRYN: They are people, Pau.  Don't you ever refer to them as "multipliers" again.

PAU: Can I use the word "hosts?"

SCHLOCK: Please, just let me eat him now.