Sunday June 3, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part II: Write


NARRATOR: Oisri Dig Base, Medical Wing, Lab Four...

MINDES: GAHH! That stupid fire-drill screwed everything up!  None of these numbers match!

MINDES: Before Tagii fritzed the TV our blood nannies were on a steady cycle.

Now they're scrambling madly.

I can't tell if our proximity to the TV, our mental state, or the programming we selected have any bearing at all on what the nannies do.

MALOTT: We've still got piles of data to work with.  Look here, Scanner Four picked up some low-energy VLF off the TV.

MINDES: But that drill ruined our baseline.  Crunching data sets with no hypothesis, no control group...  That's not science.  That's economics.

MALOTT: I don't know.  The VLF signals before the drill, corresponding to steady nanny activity, resemble an encrypted dataset.

MALOTT: After the drill the VLF changed, acquiring the same statistical signature as OH CRAP!

MINDES: Same as whaaaaaa

NOT-BINNIE: Well?  Same signature as what?  If science stops every time somebody dies we'll never learn anything.