Sunday May 27, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part II: Write


NARRATOR: Oisri Dig Base, Admin Wing...

TAGII: *Over P.A. system* Attention all personnel.  This is Tagii, A.I. of the Touch-And-Go.  We are engaging in an unscheduled drill.

Please power down all communications terminals, handbrains, TVs, and any other devices with a hypernode, and leave them alone for two minutes.

We are testing readiness against infowar assaults.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

GUS: "Cooperation" my meaty 'mogrified sit-muscle...  Tagon, why wasn't I notified about this?

TAGON: I'm wondering the same thing.

GUS: Next question: since when does your ship have access to our emergency public address system?

TAGON: I'm going to guess "Ever since Commander Andreyasn decided we need an infowar drill."

GUS: So he hacked in?

TAGON: Hacking friendlies who may be compromised in an attack is probably part of the exercise.

GUS: Fine. Next question: how do I know that this is your people running a drill, and not an enemy assault aimed at severing our communications for a couple of minutes?

TAGON: Ohhh.

TAGII: Having you two overclock your wetware on that question is half the point of the drill.

TAGON: Does this mean we pass?

GUS: Does this mean you hacked my display node?