Sunday June 10, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part II: Write


TAGON: Tagii, pick an entry point for me.  I want to be between the hostile and the friendlies.

TAGII: *over comm* Picked and painted.

TAGON: I see it.  On my approach punch a two-meter hole, wait for me and Ennesby to clear, then slap a hull patch on it.

TAGII: *over comm* Patch launched.  Forty-five seconds to slap.

TAGON: I'll wait thirty.  Let's see how little air we can let out.

ENNESBY: Have you gone up against weaponized nannies before, sir?

TAGON: Just once.

ENNESBY: You lived to tell about it, so I guess you won?

TAGON: I haven't told anybody about it because we didn't win.