Sunday June 17, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part II: Write


NARRATOR: Medical Wing, Level 2...

Gav 2: Why do you have us out in the open like this?  Shouldn't we be hiding in an office, or one of the labs?

TAILOR: The sergeant and I need to be able to see the bad guy coming.  This position gives us clear lines of fire on both approaches.

If we're in a lab, he might be able to get quite close before we know he's there.

Gav 2: So we hide and lock the doors.

TAILOR: Locked doors haven't stopped him yet.

Gav 2: If you've got a clean line of fire, he does too.

TAILOR: True, but all of the killings we've caught on camera were performed at close range.

The weapons Roddy and Wick were carrying have disabled themselves.  The enemy can't shoot us.

SCHLOCK: Or at least we don't think he can.


Gav 2: This is stupid.  You should drop a shuttle, cut a hatch in the wall, and evacuate us.  Then you can hunt this guy without us lying here like bait.

Gav 3: *screaming* Waaaugh!  We're BAIT!?!?

TAILOR: Don't be ridiculous.

SCHLOCK: Captain, the bait is panicking.