Sunday June 11, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part III


NARRATOR: Within the All-Star...

PUTZHO: How much more is my mind going to change?

ULAQUE: Quite a bit, once you release yourself from things you no longer need, like reproductive urges, and the survival instinct.

PUTZHO: You've just described a state in which I won't enjoy living, and won't mind dying.

ULAQUE: That is normal. We duplicated your meatware's low-level programming exactly.

Evolutionarily successful reproductive strategies are still strongly linked to your miserly pleasure center.

Your species' successful survival strategies remain linked to triggers for unpleasant states such as fear, anger, and hunger.

ULAQUE: In here, however, propagation of your species is no longer important, and death is effectively impossible.

Your emotional states can be linked to other things.

PUTZHO: I still long to join a husbandry, under the nurturing leadership of a few tall wives with long, shiny claws.

ULAQUE: Putzho, the All-Star offers deeper fulfillment and greater joy than anything you've yet been able to imagine.

But you are free to settle for less.