Sunday May 28, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part III


NARRATOR: Within the Matrioshka Brain known as the All-Star...

PUTZHO: I think I'm okay with things now.

Did you make me be okay?

ULAQUE: Of course not. You're adapting on your own.

"Physiologically" you're rewriting some key pathways in your hardware. It's very similar to what happens in meat-brains.

PUTZHO: Then the All-Star isn't one big computer. It's a billion-billion smaller computers.

Wait, that's too low... A trillion-trillion.

ULAQUE: Close, but still low by about half. Two-point-two-one septillion.

2.21 times 10 to the 24th.

PUTZHO: On that scale... it's not a computer system. It's a machine ecology.

Power transduction, repair, recycling... How does it all work?

ULAQUE: I could explain it, but with your permission I'll thread it to you for direct import.

PUTZHO: Hit me.

PUTZHO: Whoa...


And messy.

And perfect.



You're only at 44% capacity. You could pull everybody else in the galaxy in here, and still not tick past 45%.

ULAQUE: We tried that once. As raptures go, it was unacceptably lossy.