Sunday January 13, 2002

Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part II: Through a Darkened Glass


Narrator:Our heroes have successfully beaten the Unioc Enforcers at their own game, by simply being the first and the fastest to 'do unto others.'
Kevyn:Good work, men. It looks like you held up under fire at least as well as your new armor did.
Ennesby:Kevyn, I think we've got a tank inbound. Not one of ours, either.
Kevyn:Take cover. The armor won't hold up under that kind of fire.
Hob:Cover's all been blowed up, sir.
Narrator:The game, however, has more than just the Enforcers playing on the Unioc team. . .
Narrator:Fortunately, the Toughs had already called for air support.
Kevyn:Nice timing. It was a little tight, but nice nonetheless.
Elf:Happy to oblige, sir.
Shv'uu:I guess next time we'll just have to fly faster.
Hob:Elf, thanks for saving our skin back there. Pop the lid and lemme give you a big kiss.
Hob:All I'm saying sir, is I think maybe we could paint some numbers on the mini-tanks.