Thursday January 24, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part II: Through a Darkened Glass


Gamm:Listen to me, Cho, if your pet Lieutenant is missing, talk to the humans.
Cho:Hah! you mean the humans you killed when you destroyed Jun-Cho's bar? You brought this on me, Gamm!
Gamm:They probably had him in their transport when it exploded, likely for some interrogation or another.
Cho:Well, since he would have sooner died than talked, I guess there is still honor in Cho.
Narrator:Aboard the Post-Dated Check Loan. . .
Ch'vorthq:. . .So are the transplanted trees in here too, along with Chev's labs, Jun-Cho?
Jun-Cho:I think so. By the way, this sauce is great! I'll trade you the recipe for the low-down on a sweet smuggling op.