Friday January 18, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part II: Through a Darkened Glass


Kevyn:Hob, you're our demolitions guy. If we get aboard the transport, how quickly can you rig it to explode?
Hob:Coupla minutes, sir. But yer a scientist. You know 'splosives better than I do.
Kevyn:You're perpetuating a horrible myth, Hob. Experts in a given scientific field seldom have expertise in multiple fields. The 'Mad Scientist' or 'Tinkering Hero' archetype is patently ridiculous.

I'm a physicist, specializing in wormhole dynamics. I apply gravitic tunneling to the problems of managing receiverless teleportation. That does not make me a demolitions expert.

Hob:Wow. So you don't know 'splosives?
Kevyn:Actually, I do. But thats only because everybody needs a hobby.