Sunday March 10, 2002

Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part III: Through the Roof


Narrator:Corporal Hank 'Hob' Obscromble just blew a hole in the Chev dome to free his friends. Dispersing the poison gas that was killing the amorphs.
Kevyn:Daylight! Everybody into the breach, now!
Nick:Sir, lady emily is down!
Kevyn:What happened?
Nick:Dunno. She just collapsed when the pipe blew.
Kevyn:Argh! Stupid, stupid, stupid!She's unarmored. The overpressure may have killed her. Don't move her... Wait for evac.
Kevyn:We ought to get these amorphs into the open. Where's hob?
Nick:I thought he was with you.
Kevyn:No, that was before his primer dudded. He went back to the bomb to...To...
Kevyn:Oh no.
Nick:Sir, we've got tanks inbound!
Kevyn:The good news just keeps rolling in. How many?
Nick:Six. No, wait... Four. Hand on, um... Two?No, I don't see any now.
Kevyn:What is it? Active camouflage?
Nick:Umm... no.Close air support.
Lady Emily: