Tuesday March 26, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part III: Through the Roof


Fobottr Tenant:Let the council record that the measure has passed. Precedents of tenancy now apply to the planet.
Jun-Cho:Heh, Chev. My clan's been down there longer than yours has. Looks like i'll be the senior councillor.
Jun-Chev:Uh-oh. Seniority is based on tenancy? What about the amorphs?
Jun-Cho:They can't sit in council. They're too primitive.
Frapp:Hi guys! Thanks for taking the bait. We're here for the switch.Is that my seat there behind the podium?
Massey:Frapp, please don't gloat just yet.
Metisoid Tenant: