Sunday June 30, 2002

Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part III: F'Sherl-Ganni or Cut Bait


Narrator:When we last saw sergeant schlock, he had just been shot down, and was on a predictably ballistic path, which would almost certainly terminate right in the enemy's lap.
Narrator:Enough recap... We'll pick up on the continuation of this thread in a few days.
Schlock:I'll just wait here until then.
Narrator:A bit earlier, aboard the mercenary superfortress 'Post-dated check loan'
Thurl:Petey, we're back!
Tagon:No smoke. No holes in the walls, this is a good sign.
Petey:Welcome home, Captain. As you can see there were no problems in your absense.
Tagon:Have you lost weight? Your head looks smaller.
Petey:Ah, the ears... My avatar's appearance is determined by some hard-wired algorithms that are outside of my direct control.
Tagon:You mean you can't change what you look like?
Petey:Why does this surprise you? Few sentient beings can change more than a few, simple, cosmetic aspects of their appearance.
Petey:Besides, large, glorious ears are a far cry from, say, Male-pattern baldness.
Thurl:This is a mark of maturity and intelligence. I'll have you know.
Tagon:Oh yes, that was very mature.