Wednesday August 21, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part IV: Any Teraport in a Storm


Peter Caruthers:Good evening, I'm peter caruthers, and you are watching HN3, The Hypernet News Network.
Peter Caruthers:Tonight's top story: Were they military exercises, or an illegal first-strike mission? A fleet of U.N.S. Warships returned from points unknown today, many with heavy damage. We go now to our military correspondent, Ponju 'Gunny' Striithpok.
Gunny Striithpok:Hi Peter. The brass around here are being pretty tight-lipped, and the flagship Athens has not returned, Wherever this fleet has been, it came home with its tail between its legs.
Gunny Striithpok:I'm not usually one to speculate on military matters, but when a dog this big has its tail down there, it's because somebody kicked it in and the tail is stuck.
Xinchub:How do you get a metaphor like that out of 'no comment?'