Monday May 5, 2003

It's Bonus Comic Time!
Book 3: Under New Management
Part II: Tonight's Top Story


Nick:Hey, Doc.
Bunni:Hi, Nick. What's on your mind?
Bunni:It's a figure of speech, Nick.
Nick:Um. . .
Bunni:I know. Let's start over. I'll go first. Hi, Nick.

Author: As you may already know, I've hired a colorist to take over for me on Schlock Mercenary.

Author:Quite simply, I did it because I was having a hard time keeping up.
Author:Her work has been fantastic. Today I offer Jean Elmore heroic props and kudos as part of webcartoonist's appreciation day.

Author:I hear that she's having a hard time keeping up, too.
Schlock:AAAIE! Go away, Girl!