Monday April 28, 2003
Book 3: Under New Management
Part II: Tonight's Top Story


Peter Caruthers:Welcome to the to the Hypernet News Network. Tonight's top news: The controversial "Tinth-Philkra Dialogs" come under scrutiny by government experts.
Peter Caruthers:Also in this edition, sports highlights, including an upset that has crowds rioting in nectaris, and a big win for the all-chimp gymnastics team from hogan city.
Peter Caruthers:During this hour you can look forward to close to twenty minutes of entertaining commercial intermissions, as well as a must-see segment on home safety - which household appliances lead the market in causing accidental death and dismemberment? Sometime in the next hour you'll find out whether or not we'll actually tell you.
Peter Caruthers:But first, a word from our sponsors.