Sunday June 20, 2004

Book 5: The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance
Part III: Handle With Care


Narrator:In orbit above the Ob'enn homeworld, aboard the Cloak of Untrammeled Dignity.
Ob'enn Commander:Our tentacled friend is dead.
Ob'enn Admiral:Independent confirmation?
Ob'enn Commander:The transmitter in his skull went silent. The one in his wrist indicated cessation of vitals, and went silent eleven minutes later.
Ob'enn Admiral:I told him that helmet was worthless, but he insisted on 'keeping up appearances.' Idiot.
Ob'enn Commander:The trail is not cold. We've lost Nubs, but Obba's tail has determined who purchased the rogue's foundry.

I think it is time to dispatch a pair of Thunderheads to apprehend them.

Ob'enn Admiral:We have their location? And the location of the foundry?
Ob'enn Commander:Not yet, but we soon will.
Narrator:Scale is difficult to determine from this distance. "Cloak" is just over a thousand kilometers long.
Ob'enn Admiral:Then we cannot spare the forces. Just this morning the Spear of Incalculable Agony was thwarted by hitherto unknown rogue vessels hailing as Pterodactyl and Perjurious Discourse.
Ob'enn Commander:I'll grant the rogue this much: His ship names are less pretentious than are our own.
Ob'enn Admiral:Indeed. The Pretentious Drivel yesterday disabled the Sword of Indomitable Righteousness.
Ob'enn Commander:He's got a good sense of the ironic as well.