Sunday July 18, 2004

Book 5: The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance
Part III: Handle With Care


Narrator:On the surface of icy Blintjun-Lapi. . .
Elf:Captain, we've taken the center of the compound.
Elf:We have eleven of the slavers restrained. Pronto ran out of duct tape, but found more on site. I've never seen him so happy.
Elf:Legs commandeered their surveillance systems, so we pretty much own the place. We've spotted thirteen more hostiles walking the perimeter, but they're unsupported and lightly armed.
Tagon:Good work Lieutenant. We'll fly the perimeter and roll this whole thing up.
Narrator:Meanwhile, elsewhere
Ob'enn Officer:The array of probes confirmed my suspicions. The foundry is there, at the center.
Ob'enn Officer:There is a damaged UNS Destroyer in it. The tanks guarding it are supported only by a damaged Frigate.
Ob'enn Commander:Good work, Major. I'll dispatch a pair of Thunderheads, we'll plow into the middle and roll this whole thing up.