Sunday August 8, 2004

Book 5: The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance
Part IV: Hand it Over


Narrator:Aboard the partially rebuilt UNS Destroyer Athens. . .
Kevyn:One of those Thunderheads is peeling off to pursue the Sarasota. Are you ready to rescue your husband?
Breya:How? We can't fight.
Kevyn:There are really only two prizes here worth having. One is the Scrapyard, which we're currently parked inside. The other is us.
Kevyn:As long as we sit right here, a single Thunderhead can capture both of us, freeing the other Superfortress up for targets of opportunity, like the Sarasota.
Breya:So you're saying if we run, that other Thunderhead will come back after us.
Kevyn:Especially if we fire a few breachers at the Scrapyard once we're good and clear. One ship has to run us down, while the other one plays defense.
Breya:Do you want stick, or shotgun?
Kevyn:As if you honestly plan to let me drive.
Breya:I was just being polite.
Kevyn:You don't need to waste that on me, Sis.
Breya:Kevyn, you do know that I still have an engineering team aboard the Scrapyard.
Kevyn:Yup. And my friend Thurl is with them.
Breya:And you're still planning to fire a breacher missile at them in the hope that it'll force the Tausennigans to intervene?
Kevyn:Actually, I'm firing eight.
Breya:Set 'em to "Lamprey" mode and they'll just try to attach, rather than detonating.
Kevyn:When I said "firing eight" I meant I was firing them, like, right then.
Breya:I probably should have let you drive.