Sunday April 29, 2007

Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick
Part VI: ...And Into The Fire


Kevyn:Everybody grab a weapon. We need to get out of here.
Elf:Kevyn. . . I'm cursed. Everybody who gets close to me gets killed in nasty ways.
Kevyn:You're not cursed. Sure, Hob died, and we all miss him, but I'm still alive.
Nick:Didn't you get killed, like twice while we've been here?
Kevyn:Nick, you're not helping.
Elf:I. . . Kevyn, Pronto kind of came on to me, and out there in the woods, well. . . He was starting to look pretty good.
Schlock:Except for the star map on his butt-flap. That looked diseased.
Kevyn:Elf, what happened to Pronto wasn't your fault. And if you're worried about
Foolish Pirate:Everybody FREEZE!
Kevyn:. . . Worried about me dying again, please don't, okay?
Elf:Kevyn, there's a bullet hole in your head.
Kevyn:It's not a bullet hole. It's the, umm. . . muzzle.