Sunday October 14, 2007

Book 9: The Body Politic
Part III: Schlocktober Fest 2007


Narrator:Nanobots are clever things, much cleverer than most. The reaper they do keep at bay on behalf of their host.
Narrator:But now their host hath sloughed the coil, hath drunk the bitter cup. In spite of nanobots he wants for daisies to push up.
Narrator:Their calling now has lost its voice, their tinyness looms large. Billions now see but one choice. . . To board that Stygian barge.
Narrator:Yet powers lie within, untapped. New hope, new light to give another choice presents itself: The choice to fight, and live!
Kevyn:Fine, I'll look at the monitors, but it doesn't matter because whatever happens will be contained.
Narrator:These nanoscopic beings strive against their programmed form.
Doctor Bunnigus:See? That's not normal blood-nanny activity. Especially not in a dead guy.
Kevyn:I'll grant that, but they're still only nanobots. They can eat the whole corpse if they want, but there's no way for them to get out.
Narrator:They must adapt. They shall survive.
Narrator:. . .Emerging as a swarm.
Kevyn:Oh, hey, that's a new trick.