Sunday July 6, 2008

Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse
Part II: Enter the Longshoreman


Narrator:After a quick shuttle ride. . .
Captain Tagon:Welcome aboard the Touch-And-Go.
Frank Hannibal:Hmph.
Captain Tagon:Excuse me?
Frank Hannibal:It is both rude and presumptuous to kidnap someone, and then claim to welcome to their prison.
Captain Tagon:Oh. Sorry. Let me try again. . .
Captain Tagon:You're aboard the mercenary warship Touch-And-Go, where you will be briefly interrogated. Following interrogation, I will decide which airlock to send you through. Fortunately, one of them is still attached to a shuttle.

You may now begin hoping for the best.

Frank Hannibal:You cannot do this to me.
Captain Tagon:And yet here I am, doing it.
Frank Hannibal:Okay. You cannot expect to get away with doing this to me. Don't you know who I am?
Captain Tagon:I don't. That was going to be my first question, once we got past the small talk.
Frank Hannibal:Frank Hannibal, Anchor Chief, CHN News.
Captain Tagon:That explains all the recording gear embedded in the coat we confiscated.
Frank Hannibal:I'll need that back.
Captain Tagon:And incinerated.
Frank Hannibal:This interview is not going to reflect well on you.