Sunday January 20, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight


Narrator: Commander Kevyn Andreyasn prepares a dramatic feint.
Kevyn: If they wanted us dead, they'd have kept firing after disabling our ship. This misdirection is going to work out just fine.
Kevyn: Provided your bomb doesn't go off too early or too late, Hob.
Hob: Yeah, I know.
Hob (thinking): First rule of tact'cal 'splosives: someone always complains 'bout the length of the fuse.
Narrator: In orbit, gazing down on the scene. . .
Jun-Gamm: Sir, they've gone from cowering under their mini-tanks to madly dashing for their ship.
Gamm: They can't fly anywhere in it, can they?
Jun-Gamm: Not without me blowing them out of the sky, sir.
Gamm: I want prisoners, not skeet. Find a way to keep them on the ground, and mostly alive.
Jun-Gamm: I could put a low-power lance through any auxiliary power sources they bring on line.
Gamm: They're all wearing powered suits. Couldn't that target the individuals as well as their craft?
Jun-Gamm: Well, yes. It could.
Gamm: Do you need an object lesson that illustrates the key differences between 'mostly alive' and 'mostly dead?'
Jun-Gamm: Object lessons are those things where someone in the class gets used as an example, right?
Jun-Gamm: Oh, by the way sir, it looks like their ship just lost annie containment. Big crater.
Gamm: This would be "mostly alive"
Jun-Gamm: Aaaugh! Sir! I -