Monday January 21, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight
Note: Many of you may be considering asking why the Metisoid in the third panel has two heads. Whatever you do, don't ask her. It would not be polite, and she's already in a bad mood.


Narrator: An emergency session of the association of Ghanj-Rho Station tenants is called to order. . .
Fobottr Tenant: Commander Gamm, you leveled half of the Cho district with that fire-fight of yours.
Gamm: I can explain, if it please the council.
Gamm: There is a Tausennigan SuperFortress doing covert reconnaissance in the system. The ship has technology we wish to acquire, and we were applying pressure toward those ends.
Metisoid Tenant: Applying Pressure? You used your orbital lance on surface targets!
Gamm: Gripe if you must, but don't forget that I'm the one with the orbital lance.
Narrator: Order in these meetings never lasts long, no matter how often you call it.