Sunday January 27, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight


Narrator: Kevyn, Hob, and Brad have made unexpected contact with the amorph natives of Ghanj-Rho.
Brad: Sir, I can break free if I power the suit up.
Kevyn: No suit power. The signatures on these things are pretty trace-able, and we know there are unfriendly eyes in orbit.
Kevyn: These amorphs are probably just holding us until a decision maker shows up.
Kevyn: Wow. You look an awful lot like my sister.
Lady Emily: She's attractive, I trust?
Kevyn: Yes, she is. Of course, she's a lot younger than you are.
Kevyn: Er. . . I. . . Um. . . That didn't come out right.
Lady Emily: Your plan to flatter your way to freedom has run afoul of the foot in your mouth.
Lady Emily: You don't seem to be from the city, so rather than killing you outright, we'll ask who you are, and what you're doing here.
Kevyn: And then what?
Lady Emily: And then, depending on your answers to our questions, we either kill you or take you prisoner so we can torture you for more information.
Schlock: Miss, I'd like to propose a few additional alternatives.
Schlock: If you're lucky, I'll let you pick one that does not involve massive third degree burns.
SFX: Ommminous Hummmmmmm