Thursday July 18, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — The Teraport Wars


Narrator: With 950 million gavclones running around, keeping them all straight may pose something of a plotting problem. For now, it will be much easier to treat them as three individuals.First, there's the one sensitively handling 950 million sets of gate-clone debriefings.
Gavclones: Suppose, for just a moment, that you found out that someone who looked exactly like you was sleeping with your wife.
Narrator: Second, there's the one trapped in a room full of megiddos.
Megiddo: (1) Pull the coat off of him before he bleeds on it.(2) I'm thinking he's done bleeding.
Narrator: Uh-oh.
Narrator: Maybe it'll be more useful to just treat them as two individuals at this point.
Megiddo: Good call. You don't want to think about what's going on here.
Narrator: We'll get to a happier gavclone tommorow...