Sunday July 28, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — The Teraport Wars


Nejjat AI: We can save over half the fleet if we can make a proper sacrifice play. Or we can scatter and none save a few well-stocked vessels will survive.
Petey: My captain will not allow me to sacrifice him in this conflict.
Athens: The same reports are coming in from vessel commanders throughout the fleet. As we expected, the organic units are proving very selfish.Even with the two courses laid clearly before them, they stubbornly choose futile efforts at self-preservation over the greater good.
Petey: The next engagements begin shortly, Athens, we need live telemetry feeds from all your systems - maybe we can learn something important.
Athens: Who says I'm going first? I'm the flagship. You go first.
Kevyn: Petey, this is kevyn. I need you to run some numbers for me. I'm worried about the explosion of the wormgate in the star.
Petey: We have bigger problems right now, Kevyn. We are under a massive missile attack.The explosion of the star, though significant, will not affect shielded warships. The missiles can affect us, and will start affecting me personally in about thirty minutes unless we decide to run.
Kevyn: Petey, the wormgate in that star will kill you all. The missiles are a secondary threat.
Petey: Kevyn, I am several orders of magnitude smarter and faster than you are, and combat tactics are what I do best. I assure you, we've considered the explosion of the star.
Kevyn: I bet I can make you eat those words when I tell you what I learned how to do today.
Petey: Right. Bring it on, human.
Kevyn: I figured out how to make a one-shot, gravitational pulse gun out of a wormgate.I thought to myself "Gee, if I had a wormgate the size of the one in the star, I could kill petey, shields and all, from hundreds of millions of kilometers away."
Kevyn: Shall I hold the spoon, so you can eat while you run the numbers for me?
Petey: Bring a Bib, and some salt, too, please.
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