Sunday September 14, 2003
Book 4: The Blackness Between — Part I: Needle in a Haystack


Narrator: The hypernet is a lot like the internet.
Breya: Kevyn, we found a really, really interesting wormgate
Kevyn: Eh. How interesting can any wormgate be? I've already hacked 'em and published all their big secrets.
Breya: Well, the exterior plating on this one dates it a bit. It's really old.
Kevyn: Okay, I'll bite. How old is it?
Narrator: Just like the internet, it gets used for entertainment, research, personal calls, and the not-so-odd spot of criminal activity.
Breya: Oh, in galactic terms it's just a baby. It's between eight and sixteen million years old.
Narrator: The principal difference is that some routers now do ftl in addition to fifo.
Kevyn: Umm... That's like sixty times older than the whole network, Breya.
Breya: Interesting, huh?
Kevyn: Sis, that's long enough that the thing could have flown here from andromeda.
Breya: Yeah, that's what we thought, too. I'm sending my coordinates. So, do you want to help us make first contact with a civilization in another galaxy? It colud be dange-...
SFX: ommminous sssstatic
Kevyn: Sis? You there?Ennesby!
Ennesby: I'm on it. The signal termination is not consistant with a downed router or the other signal-path problem.
Ennesby: The way those last packets arrived... it looks exactly like catastrophic node damage at the other end of the line.
Kevyn: That tears it. I've got her coordinates. Let's get out there and be prepared to render assistance.
Jaksmouth: Sorry, Admiral. If you'd anticipated the shot, it would have looked less credible.
Breya: Let me know when they arrive. I'm going to go change my pants.
Narrator: A principal similarity is that both networks can be spoofed.