Tuesday September 23, 2003
Book 4: The Blackness Between — Part II: Breya in the Zoojack


Tagon: What kind of help are you looking to hire, Admiral?
Breya: Mostly I need kevyn's expertise in a purely technical context.
Tagon: It sounds like you want the "Mad Scientist" package. We've standardized our offerings a little bit. Kevyn now comes with a mandatory full platoon of soldiers and a half-squadron of tanks.
Breya: This sounds like a cheap gimmick to make money off of your grunts.
Tagon: Breya, the last time Kevyn took a "Purely technical" job from you he ended up dead, and we got a gate-clone back in his place.
Jevee Ceeta: She's on to you, Tagon. Your whole company is a cheap gimmick to make money off of the grunts.