Tuesday September 16, 2003
Book 4: The Blackness Between — Part I: Needle in a Haystack


Tagon: Ennesby, I'm slaving the whole 'port to you, pattern ringo epsilon. Let's roll out our own red carpet.
Ennesby: Confirmed sir. Rolling red carpet with one half-spread of terapedoes... Mark!
Ennesby: T.Z. looks free and clear, sir. Ironing the carpet with tanks now... Mark!No resistance. Everyone stand by to pour some Serial Peacemaker into a big bowl of "no-problem."
Ennesby: We're in, sir. The 'pedoes are in active acquisition mode, but I don't see a welcome wagon.
Tagon: How long have you been waiting to use that stupid "Cereal" pun?
Ennesby: Ever since you let me name the ship, sir.
Serial Peacemaker: