Friday February 11, 2005
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part IV: Old Habits Die Hard


Gavclones: There's no reason to postulate a violation of the laws of normal space. The "border" Exists only in hyperspace, which is why we can't see it. Once our probes cross the border they lose both teraport and hypernet functionality, because of the changes to hyperspatial underpinnings.
Kevyn: But if it were violating the laws of normal space, you'd get the same data you've already gotten.
Kevyn: I think somebody needs to devise an experiment that can tell the difference.
Wormgate Scientist: Point of order, this is the "speculative discussion" part. We're not here to hand out action items, okay?
Ennesby: Okaay, I'm ready to do something else, now.