Tuesday March 1, 2005
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part IV: Old Habits Die Hard


Kevyn: Ennesby, can you patch me through to my sister?
Ennesby: She gone unlisted deep cover, Secret mission.....I dont have the node address. I could hypercast and see if she responds.
Gav Clone1: Wait, Kevyn... Is this the same sister who recruited ME and then dropped us into the clutches of Captain Megiddo?
Kevyn: My sister the Admiral? Yes. Her judgement has gotten a little better since then.
Kevyn: And before you complain too loudly, remember that there would only be one of you if you hadn't taken her up on that job.
Gav Clone2: There'd also be no galatic shortage of leggy blondes who dig blue-haired scientists.