Sunday June 5, 2005
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part V: Instant Replay


Narrator: Meanwhile, near the galactic core...
Breya: ... so it turns out there are at least two factions among the gatekeepers, and one of them was willing to negotiate with us on teraport standardization.
Kevyn: And that was your secret mission? Find friends among our enemies?
Breya: Find them, and cut deals with them. They told us about the Zoojack system, and the Andromedan wormgate, for instance.
Kevyn: But they didn't tell you about the dark matter entities there.
Breya: No. No they didn't.
Kevyn: Some friends they turned out to be.
Breya: They probably had a perfectly good reason for not telling us. They may not know about the dark matter entities.
Kevyn: You are being too optimistic, Breya. "Wanting you dead" is also a perfectly good reason for them to not warn you about something.
Breya: Yes, but then they'd need a perfectly good reason to want me dead.
Kevyn: Come on! The gatekeepers have been around for what, million years? More? They've been manipulating galactic events with their wormgate network since before our ancestors fell out of the trees. They've probably got entire libraries devoted to listing the perfectly good reasons to want people like you dead.
Breya: I'm quite sure that my ancestors climbed down from the trees very gracefully.
Kevyn: "An annoying tendency to to change the subject is probably on one of their lists.
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