Sunday June 12, 2005
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part V: Instant Replay
Note: Today's strip marks the fifth full year of Schlock Mercenary on the web, daily and uninterrupted since June 12th of 2000. After five years, the author feels much like Major Charper -- pleased to still be alive.


NARRATOR: Major Charper has a new problem.

The Phican tanks are gone, and that's good.

The heavy House Phica guns have stopped pressing him, and that's even better.

CHARPER: Charper to Integrity!  We've been nuked!

NARRATOR: Now, however, there's a 13.75 kiloton "energy release" to be dealt with.

NARRATOR: The shuttle's gravitic drives are good for thousands of gees of acceleration.

NARRATOR: The shields are good for trillions of joules of deflection.

NARRATOR: A point-blank nuking, however, exceeds shield specifications and drive speed.

NARRATOR: Fortunately, the shuttle's manufacturer is well-known for overengineering things.

CHARPER: I'm alive!

NARRATOR: Alive is nice, but the repairs will not be covered under warranty.