Sunday May 29, 2005
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part V: Instant Replay


Narrator: Colonel Pranger's "Plan B" extraction is fairly complex.
Colonel Pranger: Back inside! We've got other assets in play now!
Narrator: It includes three shuttles, eight tanks, and two squads of infantry, plus all the targets to be extracted or abducted
Colonel Pranger: Integrity, report!
Colonel Pranger: Twenty-what? I'll have your eyes for earrings! What happened!?
Mini-Schlock: Bring Kevyn out, or I'll melt another one of your tanks!
Narrator: In light of recent developments, plan "B" is a wash, and plans "C" and "D" are insufficiently resourced.
Narrator: Plan "E" is taking shape now.
Colonel Pranger: Charper! Dustoff now! Glish! I need your squad to disable that generator!
Kevyn: Colonel, I think I can take care of that from here.
Colonel Pranger: There are two enemy tanks on that tarmac right now, commander.
Kevyn: Well, have your shuttle take one of 'em out. I'll get the other.
Colonel Pranger: Are you cra-? GET BACK HERE!!
Narrator: Plan "E" vanishes in a puff of unpredictability and Colonel Pranger finds himself in the unenviable position of having to orchestrate twenty-five minutes or more of "winging it".
Colonel Pranger: Steakly, our paycheck may need some supporting fire.
Steakly: SIR! YES SIR!