Sunday August 13, 2006
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part VI: Long Arm of the Law


Narrator: Engineering Bay Two aboard the Mercenary Warship Touch-and-Go
Schlock: What'cha makin'?
Kevyn: I'm experimenting with these nanny-cams. There are probably some solid military applications for having a lot of extra "eyes" on the battlefield.
Schlock: Wait. . . I thought we stole those as part of the frame-up thingy.
Kevyn: We did.
Kevyn: These are extremely expensive, and sell well on the secondary market. For their mass and density, they represented the single greatest concentration of fungible material anywhere in the HTRN building.
Schlock: So they're a fungus?
Kevyn: "Fungible." It means they're easy to turn into money.
Kevyn: We had to make it look like somebody stole them to resell them for money.
Schlock: Instead of just stealing them so you could play with them?
Kevyn: Exactly.
Schlock: I jumped off the top of a building to get those for you.
Kevyn: You've already got extra eyes.