Wednesday August 16, 2006
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part VI: Long Arm of the Law
Thus Ends Book V, in which we learned a little bit about Galactic Politics. Be here at the usual time tomorrow for the beginning of Book VI, in which we will narrow our focus and learn a little bit about spears and butt-flaps.


Narrator: Epilogue: Above Vent City on Planet Wet, somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy. . .
Wetian: These goggles are amazing. I can see in the dry!
The Squid: You can trade fish for all manner of similar tools. Now, you see the blackness there, where there are no stars?
Wetian: Yes. It is ominous. It puckers my suckers, and I didn't even know what "stars" were before you came along.
The Squid: Halfway through the fifth Warm-Souther Current, its edges will begin to glow brightly.
Wetian: That is when they will come?
The Squid: The Half-Wet Sky-Princes will build their cities on your shores then, yes.
The Squid: They wish to live among you as friends, and to escort you to the skies.
Wetian: What of the Dry Ones, the Tool-Makers?
The Squid: The Sky-Bear says that they will continue to trade tools for fish.
Wetian: For how long?
The Squid: Until they are willing to shovel sufficient excrement to grow their own food.
Qlaviqlian: Hey, look at that. Seafood.