Sunday March 4, 2007
Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick — Part V: Dropping The Other Shoe


Narrator: Inside the enemy's base, naked, but free. . . For now anyway.
Elf: Kevyn, do you know where you're going?
Kevyn: There are tanks 'porting in behind us.
Brad: What's behind us is more of a "where we've been" thing, sir.
Kevyn: They're too big for some of these smaller passageways.
Elf: So we should duck down one of the smaller passageways to escape!
Kevyn: NO!
Kevyn: Somebody moved tanks from this base to that ship via teraport cage, right?

Well, the tanks probably had to be driven to the teraport cage first.

Kevyn: That means that this nice, wide passageway probably leads from the teraport cage to some sort of vehicle bay.
Kevyn: If we're going to kill tanks, we need to have one of our own, and the vehicle bay is the best place to start looking.
Nick: Makes sense, sir.
Kevyn: Unless, of course, they took all the tanks with them.