Sunday February 25, 2007
Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick — Part V: Dropping The Other Shoe


Kevyn: So. . . Teraport cage. Nice name.
Commander Teff: Hmmm?
Kevyn: That's the same thing the original inventor called it. Back before he claimed the Galactic Core and stopped needing teraports at all.
Kevyn: I know the guy personally. He may be "Emperor Pius Dei" to everybody else but to me he'll always be "Petey."
Commander Teff: Are you trying to get us to increase our ransom demands?
Kevyn: Well, no.
Kevyn: I mean, not unless you want more money.

I'm sure if you were to hypercomm the Fleetmind in the Galactic Core, Petey would cheerfully pay to spring us.

Commander Teff: No offense, but an Emperor who doesn't need teraports to get around isn't someone I'm going to send ransom notes to. You know, in case he figures he'll just show up in person.
Kevyn: Oookay then.

Kevyn: I figured the interior of the cage would have to be unbroken. You know, seamless.
Commander Teff: Ductwork. They shutter when we 'port and then open up to replace the air.

Kevyn: Air vents. Neato.