Friday February 6, 2009
Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse — Epilogue


Ennesby: Kevyn, 'Chelle, and Aardy are in surgery. Legs is in stasis. Lots of sprains, strains, and flesh-wounds. We've got everybody back except Brad.
Captain Tagon: Find him.
Doctor Bunnigus: Captain, I need you here in Medibay One. Ensign Ventura is covered with blood.
Captain Tagon: I'm kind of busy. Isn't that what we pay you to deal with?
Doctor Bunnigus: It's not her blood, sir.
Captain Tagon: What do you want me to do, give her a bath?
Doctor Bunnigus: It's worse than that. I think she needs a hug.