Saturday February 28, 2009
Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse — Epilogue
Note: As to the question of whose idea it was to take the death benefits for enlisted men and officers out of the Captain's pay, it was the Captain's idea. It brings a measure of fiscal responsibility and bottom-line management to life-and-death decisions, it is inherently noble, and Tagon has forgotten that he put it in the original charter.


Captain Tagon: Good work, everyone. We got paid, we restored order, and we installed the final word in Tin-Pot Dictators.

We beat the schedule by about a hundred days, so we got an early completion bonus. We also got the repair chit this ship needs so badly.

Kevyn: It sounds like we got paid twice. Where's your happy dance, Captain?
Captain Tagon: I still need to call Brad's Mom, and plan his funeral.