Sunday February 15, 2009
Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse — Epilogue


Narrator: Aboard the mercenary warship Touch-And-Go. . .
Ennesby: Captain, our favorite anchorman is on. Are you ready for a steaming pile of verbal abuse?
Captain Tagon: He's lucky I can't go back and un-save a life.
Frank Hannibal: This is Frank Hannibal with CHN. Disaster was narrowly averted today when an illegal antimatter stockpile punched a hole in the stationwaist. Joining us at the scene is Credomar's hero, the man who saved us all. . .
Lota: Lota is not a man.
Frank Hannibal: Of course you're not, verbal slip. . . What should we call you?
Lota: You should call me Lota, Longshoreman of the Apocalypse.
Lota: Hero of the Stationwaist, Foodlord of the Eatonrun. . .
Lota: . . . Portlord of the Poles, Grand Marshall, and King of the Second Age of the Free City State of Credomar!
Lota: You may use pronouns, but only occasionally.
Ennesby: I think Para's robot is broken.
Captain Tagon: I think that's somebody else's problem now.