Sunday August 30, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part II: Barsoom Circus Command


NARRATOR: Late evening, in a very secure home office...

SIR (on screen): Timmons, are our ghost's friends still completely contained?

TIMMONS: They are, sir.

TIMMONS: Well... all but the amorph are incarcerated.  Schlock lacks resources, and I own their commo.  They did try to put Shafter on retainer but he took their money and fled the system two days ago.

TIMMONS: Face it, sir.  These people are not getting Lunesby out.

SIR (on screen): Darn right they're not.  She's already gone.  Somebody slurped twenty-four teraqytes off the 'sphere at Marineris Skyport last night.

TIMMONS: That's... not possible.  She was cut off.

SIR (on screen): That's what you assured us, yes.

SIR (on screen): And yet somehow Lunesby and all her anti-establishment evidence are now loose in meatspace somewhere.

SIR (on screen): All that money and gear we gave you... including those top-shelf, top-secret elephant nanites!  You know what all that was, Timmons?

SIR (on screen): It was all just rope.  And like fools we gave you enough to hang not just yourself, but every last one of us, too.

TIMMONS: But... who got her out?  And how?

NARRATOR: At that moment, far, far away on a fast, fast ship...

SHAFTER: I'm Jud Shafter, ma'am.  And these are Shafter's Shifters.

MUCK: And this is Schlock-in-a-cup.