Friday July 20, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part II: Write


NARRATOR: Station Imo, deep in the hole...

KEVYN: *on screen* Danita, this is acting Captain Andreyasn.

DANITA: Hello, Kevyn.  How have you been?

KEVYN: *on screen* Ummm... fine?

DANITA: Sorry, that was probably weird.  All of us remember you, but after transmog you don't really recognize us as Gavs anymore.

KEVYN: *on screen* Yeah, weird.  Moving on: who have you got working on the crypto angle of unlocking Oisri?

DANITA: Kevyn Dietz is on Crypto.  He even spells his name like you.

KEVYN: Don't you tranmog'd Gavs pick your names yourselves?

DANITA: *on screen* I think he came out of the can with "fanboy" pushed a few X-axis ticks past the hump on the bell-curve.