Saturday July 21, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part II: Write


KEVYN: *on screen* Mister Dietz, Captain Andreyasn here.

DIETZ: Kevyn!  It's an honor!

KEVYN: *on screen* Let's just skip that part, and go straight to prime numbers.

Did you know that the radius of Oisri's grav-mask is exactly--

DIETZ: *interrupting* Two thousand and sixty three times her radius.

We know this.  Also, 2063 is the 311th prime number.

311 is the sixty-fourth prime number, and prime factorization of 64 gives us 2 to the 6th.

KEVYN: *on screen* Ah.  So you've been down this rathole before, then.

DIETZ: Rathole?  Irony!  Captain.  How do you think we knew where to dig?

KEVYN: *on screen* I can see that trying to help is going to make me feel slow, not clever.