Sunday July 22, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part II: Write

Note: Dietz's statement about Oisri's ridges and hills may seem irreconcilable with Tagii's claim that Oisri's radius is exactly 1/2063rd the radius of her gravitational masking bubble. In particular, Tagii claimed that her instrumentation lacked the resolution to find a rounding error.

One might suggest that the masking bubble itself has ridges and hills, but Tagii certainly would have said something about that. The answer, sadly, is much more mundane. Tagii is stating Oisri's average radius from a large sample of points, and the ridges and hills are regular enough that for any statistically significant sample that average radius comes out the same. More measurements only reinforce the statistical perfection of Oisri's sphericality.

We could have spent a day letting Tagii explain her measurement methodology to Kevyn, but the current story already features n+1 days of making jokes with numbers, and "n" = "too many."


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