Sunday November 4, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part III: Execute


NARRATOR: Aboard the Touch-And-Go...

THURL: Commander, I found the problem.

The Tac core, which houses the personality modules and the priority cascade?  It bisects the bus.  It sits between the processor bank and the ship's systems.

KEVYN: *on screen* That's not how I remember it.

THURL: Yeah, it's not how our bus used to run, but I like this design.  A runaway process can't bypass prioritization.

THURL: Anyway, when I disconnected the core the processor bank was no longer in line with the ship's systems.

When I seated Ennesby in the core tower, he only got the system side of the bus.

KEVYN: Why are we talking about this?  Hook him back up to the processors!

THURL: *on screen* You misunderstood me, sir.  I said I've found the problem.

THURL: What I haven't found is a solution.  It's not like there's something loose down there shouting "plug me in."

NARRATOR: Meanwhile (and completely coincidentally) deep in the processor bank...

TAGII: *screaming scarily* Plug me in!  I dare you!  PLUG ME IN!