Wednesday November 21, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part III: Execute

Note: Though it certainly seems appropriate for Tagon and Bunnigus to take this conversation to a private channel, it's obvious that Danita can hear them. This leaves you, fair reader, with several possible interpretations of the scene.

  • Danita's hearing is good enough that stray vibrations from the face-plates are audible. 
  • Tagon and Bunnigus haven't figured out how to have private conversations.
  • Tagon and Bunnigus deliberately had this conversation in a way that Danita could hear them.
  • The Universe required a punchline (which it does, every day) and warped physics in such a way that the conversation was audible.

Pick whichever one of these feels right to you. Sometimes the Universe neglects to explain itself, and we need to tell ourselves stories so that it continues to appear predictable.


BUNNI: Tagon... she's healing.

TAGON: I can see that.

BUNNI: Very quickly.

TAGON: That too.

TAGON: I have to stay here with Danita and Tailor.  I want you to get Schlock, Pi, and yourself back to the ship.

BUNNI: Danita is my patient, Captain.  I don't see why you have to stay.

TAGON: Your husband will be very angry if I return to base without you, and I don't think you're willing to kill your patient.

DANITA: Can you discuss this after I finish these maths?  It's distracting.